Temperature Monitoring Systems

Our company is the dealer of ITG company and authorized for Sales and Service of ITG branded temperature monitoring systems. ITG is the only company that guarantees the system against design and manufacturing problems for 5 years. Measuring and monitoring the temperature of the grain during the grain storage process is very important. As it is known, the grain is exposed to a number of hazards after entering the bin. (Such as loss,
mold, germination, etc.). When these conditions occur, the calories and temperature of the grain are released. When you see the grain temperatures correctly, you mean that you are making the grain storage right and healthy. The nesting dangers among the grains only reveal itself with the rise of temperature. Due to this reason, the function of the Temperature Monitoring System has to be very accurate. Infotech Group / ITG manufactures Temperature Monitoring Systems, which are unique in the world, all of which are digital, working without any problems for many years. You can monitor all of these processes of grain stored online and take precautions with ITG Temperature Monitoring Systems, The most important actor and chief assistant in the process is from the moment the storage process begins until the time of shipment. Our ITG Temperature Control Systems can be adapted to any kind of bins. Steel Bins, Flat Storages, Concrete Bins, Bulk Storage

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