Meal and Ash Bins

Low-Density products such as meal and ash cannot be stored in standard corrugated steel Bins because of their low-fluidity specifications. It can be stored in welded cylindrical Bins, but the capacity ranges of such Bins are very limited.

It is possible to store up to 1000 cubic meters of volume with special application Bins with plug-in type. They have a wide-angled hopper bottom design. Conical angle is at least 67 degrees. The following accessories are required for proper flow in these Bins.

Air Cannon Systems 

The Air Cannons Systems are air blasted and streamed by means of air cylinders connected to the bin with special nozzles entering inside the bin. The control panel is compatible with your PLC system.

Multi Unloading Auger

The product flow is ensured without any problems with a wider discharge opening and multiple discharge augers.

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