Grain Cooling Systems

We are the seller of German-made Frigor Brand Grain Cooling Machines. Advantages of Grain Cooling Machine;

  • It allows the grain to store for a very long time without any problems by cooling the grain temperature below 13 degrees and it prevents the pests by cooling.
  • You can cool your product in all weather conditions such as high humidity, high humidity, rain, snow, fog.
  • The product does not dry your grain because it is cooled with cold and damp (65%) air. The water leading to the air due to ventilation prevents the loss of steam (2-3%). It allows you to get more efficiency from your product. For example, if you vent 10 thousand tons of goods for a long time, the product humidity drops by 2 - 3 points. Ventilation with fans is dry and results in direct weight loss. The total weight of the goods will be reduced by 200-300 tons which is a very serious loss.
  • The device targets to cool the grain temperature by 10 degrees and can reduce about 500 tonnes per day (for KK440 model) by 10-13 degrees.
  • With the help of a cooler you can store 15 - 16 - 17 moisture of grain and store them for a very long time without any problems in combination with your dry products.
  • You will end all losses which standard fans have caused by drying their heads.
  • You will not need fumigation because the grain temperature level falls down to 10-13 degrees.
  • Cooler is mobile so there is no requirement to buy 1 for each silo.
  • The Cooler works fully when you press the Start button, there is nothing else to do.

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