There are many factors affecting the prices of steel silo plants. The most important elements in these facilities are steel silos and grain handling equipment. In order to ensure that the stored grain is stored in suitable storage conditions, the required carefulness must be demonstrated during the design phase. All the effects that need to be taken into consideration in the design are determined and a structure in which efficient use and storage conditions can be established.

Systems that transfer the material to the warehouse and allow the efficient use of the silo are transport systems. Problems with the manufacturing and use of handling systems usually do not cause serious problems and are simple to solve. However, the result of errors related to the design of the carrier systems is very heavy and the frequency of these errors is quite high. These errors cause high costs.

The shape and dimensions of the silo, the storage volume of the silo, the discharge capacity, the properties of the material to be stored, the area for the plant, affects the steel silo prices. Generally, the prices of flat bottom silos are more suitable than the prices of hopper bottom silos. However, for a given storage volume, the height of the flat bottom silos is less than that of the hopper bottom silos. Flat bottom silos are generally preferred when the storage time is long and the unloading capacity is not too high.

In the design and hence pricing of steel silo and handling equipment, 3 different elements are generally taken into consideration. These;

• Filling capacity

• Discharge capacity

• The maximum amount of material to be stored and the product to be stored.

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