Steel silo assembly is one of the most important issues in steel silo sector. Elevator Systems, Grain Storage systems, Steel silos and conveyor systems sent by the manufacturer for assembly are composed of many components. Installation must be done with experienced personnel. While these products can be easily assembled, they can lead to malfunctions, losses in stored products, and many workloads and material losses due to materials that are overlooked or not in use. Many companies that do not have any institutional or continuity logic are not aware of the risk they are placing on the company they will serve while struggling not to become unemployed.

For a safer working environment and a better facility, let us mention the points that companies should pay attention to during installation;

• Booklets showing the detailed installation of the materials to be used must be supplied from the manufacturers.

• The construction site, must be adapted to the working conditions and the installation should be started after completing the field concrete.

• Materials should be placed in the order of installation in a regular and protected manner in the construction site.

• The mechanical project showing the general structure and details of the facility should be hung on a panel which can be seen by the field team continuously.

• If possible, trained installation personnel should be requested from the manufacturer to obtain continuous support during installation.

• OHS equipment of all personnel working in the construction site should be provided.

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