Silos, grain dryer, corn dryer, wheat dryer, chain conveyors, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, distributors and all your handling equipment maintenance, repair, overhaul work, the possibility of anticipating possible problems and the necessary measures to be taken in time allows. Most of the problems in the silos are due to the lack of regular maintenance, repair and service.

Under normal conditions, the well-planned and constructed silos are expected to have a long economic life. But this is not usually the case. The changes in the flow properties of the material stored in silos and the changes in the properties of the silo wall material due to abrasion constitute the main reasons for these problems. Filling a product that is different from the product, which is the basis of the design, can cause various problems because it will change the load distribution within the silo. In addition, changes in silo geometry can significantly change the load distribution in the silo. Changes in the places where the product is discharche from silo or additions to the silo should be carried out by taking expert opinion. The most observed problems are problems that occur depending on the flow type. It is necessary to examine the silo inner surface at regular intervals in order to see these situations and take the necessary precautions.

It is important to take necessary precautions by observing the conditions such as cracks, deformation, bending of the silo. In the case of storing abrasive materials, problems such as corrosion are observed. When the danger is noticed, the necessary information should be obtained from the expert engineers immediately.

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